Teacher Appreciation Week - Thank You for Riding the Wave

Posted by Dr. Charles J. Pearson on 5/9/2019

    This week we join school districts across the country to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week! This time is set aside to express gratitude to each of our teachers for their commitment to excellence to our children.

surfer riding a wave      We began this school year discussing the “Surfer” metaphor. We talked about the qualities of the great surfer. The surfer equips himself or herself for the wave by practicing until their technique is perfected. The surfer does not control the wave. Rather, he or she chooses a big wave as it roars in, and rides it. The ride is uneven, high risk, loud, and fast. The surfer is at different positions on the wave throughout the journey. If the surfer washes out, he is tethered to the surf board for a quick recovery. Then he gets back on the board to ride again.

     Our teachers have shown themselves to be tenacious “surfers” -- this year in particular. These educators have demonstrated the growth mindset to keep getting better. For that and so much more, and to them I say thank you!

     On behalf of the Joint Executive Governing Board, I salute our teachers for their continued commitment to doing what is morally right for our children!