A Month to Remember the Innovation, Perseverance of a People

Posted by Dr. Charles J. Pearson on 2/28/2019

We have come to the end of our annual recognition of the contributions of African Americans/Black people to not just American culture, but the world’s culture.

The reason for this annual commemoration is something we need to remember year-round. Black History Month is more than a celebration of a moment in time or recognizing the many innovations that the African-American/Black culture has made in the lives of others. February is a reminder of the inventiveness, the innovative spirit, the perseverance, and character of individuals who have made the quality of life better for others through the solutions they developed.

Black History Month is also a testament to the sheer will to excel that so many have demonstrated. This celebration is a reminder that we as educators, must exemplify that will, teach and reinforce exemplary character traits and inspire the current generations to aspire to the same greatness as our ancestors.

pearson with student in library Earlier this week, I spent time with this second grader, our future. Behind me are pictures of men and women from earlier generations. Each of these individuals left an indelible mark on the world. We must inspire this second grader and equip her to be a part of this legacy. We must help her to know that the purpose of her life is to make life better for others, and that she has the mind, strength, will, and the character to make a difference.

We must teach her that no one is better than her; that no one has greater value than her because of the color of her skin, or her gender, or the zip code she is growing up in. Then, one day, she too will see problems that need to be solved. She will apply herself with the same confidence that she approached me to read with her, and the world will be better for her having lived.