Prelude: State to Release APR Scores Feb. 1

Posted by Dr. Charles J. Pearson on 1/30/2019 8:00:00 AM

Normandy Families, Staff and Community –

     On Friday, Feb. 1, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) will release the 2017-2018 Annual Performance Report (APR) for districts statewide. The APR is the tool the state Board of Education uses to measure academic performance in school districts throughout Missouri. Normandy has made consistent progress in the APR with the points earned in the last three years due to strategic efforts to improve the literacy and math skills of our students, while implementing systems and methods to ensure the district functions in an efficient and effective manner.

      However, the way we examine the results are different for districts this year. Because of the changes in state legislation (which resulted in changes in the state’s learning standards), Missouri has experienced four new tests in five years. As a result:

Districts are not able to compare this year’s results to previous year’s results.  
The scores from this year’s tests are a starting point for districts to use as a baseline for future results.
The state also did not include the Science score in this year’s calculation of points, which accounts for the reduction in the total number of possible points a district can earn.
    Despite the changes, we are able to compare our scores to other districts statewide. We are also using this data as a starting point to measure future growth. Another tool we are using is the STAR testing in English Language Arts and Mathematics. STAR is one of the internal assessments we use to help determine student academic growth and where they may need additional supports.

     Normandy will continue to focus on increasing the literacy and math skills in our students as these are the foundation for academic success. We will look for ways to bolster our science and social studies curricula and student performance in these areas. To do this we will provide additional professional development for our teachers as well as seeking out partnerships to expand resources to improve student aptitude in these critical subject areas.

    We have a lot to look forward to! Because of the community’s support of our 2017 bond issue, we will open the new Early Learning Center for our early childhood and kindergarten students this fall. And though we will bid farewell to the Normandy 7th-8th Grade Center, we are confident the move to our ‘EleMiddle’ configuration will help improve overall student academic performance, and help us better address some of the behavioral/social emotional issues of this age group. Normandy is also expanding career and college readiness programs to provide more career opportunities to high school students, seeking out more partnerships with local businesses and education institutions.    

      We are embracing these opportunities to improve the student academic performance of our students and families. Our community and – most importantly – our children deserve the best. Again, I thank each of you for your support and commitment to our students. #NormandyStrong! 


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