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Snow Days Will Be Virtual Learning Days

As the winter season is approaching, school districts are planning for those days when weather would typically be deemed unsafe to attend school. In the past we have had to cancel school due to unsafe road conditions and/or frigid temperatures.

This year, with our shift to remote learning as a result of COVID-19 mitigation, Normandy has the structure in place to provide remote/virtual learning to students on what would previously be considered a ‘snow day.’

On those days when we have severe weather, the district will communicate to families and media outlets that the district will have a remote learning day. Students will remain at home, but will login for classes as they typically would for remote learning. We are working with teachers to make sure students are ready to learn from home on those days.

Under extenuating circumstances (e.g., power or internet outages in the area), the district may need to cancel school altogether (no remote learning). We will use our normal communication channels (phone, email, text, social media, website) to inform families as to what the status will be -- remote learning or class cancellation.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher or building principal.