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Normandy High School’s Lone Golfer Paving the Way for Women, Minorities in Sport

NORMANDY, MO  -- Normandy High School’s Anandra Chaney is the first to admit she doesn’t fit the mold when it comes to the game of golf. But she won’t let that stop her from succeeding in the sport that started out as something to do during the pandemic.

“I wanted to do it to make my mom proud and have something she could be happy that I was doing. And after a while, I just started going with the flow and golf became second nature and I really liked it,” said the NHS sophomore who started playing at the urging of her mom during the summer of 2020.

She started out with the not-for-profit Better Family Life, which offers a program at Forest Park. Now she’s the only female golfer at Normandy High School. She plays alongside the University City High School boys team, which will compete on Monday, May 9 in the Class 3 District 2 tournament at Franklin County Country Club.

“I feel like everybody, they’ve been doing golf since they were three and I just got into golf really. They’ve perfected it and know it to a T and I’m still learning and there’s so much I want to improve on,” said Chaney.

Her dedication to the game of golf has inspired Normandy High School Athletic Director Terrance Hamilton, who plans on starting a team at NHS in the fall.

“When she came to me this year, [it] was the fire I needed to go and get it,” said Coach Hamilton. “We’re trying to be diverse and I think the kids will like it.”

As for Chaney, she’s setting some big goals for herself; she hopes the game will help her play in college. But she doesn’t want the game and her success to be the only thing that defines her.

“When I play golf, I don’t want people to just see me as a golf player. I want people to see me as a student, as a girl, as an African American. I don’t just play golf. There are things I want to get to outside of golf, through golf.”