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NHS Alumna Bequeaths Library Gift to Benefit Current & Future Vikings

Normandy, Mo.— Books sparked a passion for reading and exploration of the world that eventually took Webster Groves librarian Sally Dobrunz to every single continent twice. That love of literature will now live on for future generations thanks to a donation of $59,000 she left to her alma mater, Normandy High School.

“We are grateful for Ms. Dobrunz’s commitment to her alma mater and the education of Normandy High School students,” said Marcus C. Robinson, Superintendent of Schools for the Normandy Schools Collaborative. “As for many Normandy alumni, the high school continued to hold a special place in her heart. We appreciate her expressing her appreciation in a manner that will continue to make a difference with our current and future students.”

Shaped by her early years in Normandy schools, Dobrunz went on to earn degrees from Washington University and the University of Wisconsin. She devoted her life to fueling a passion for reading in others as an elementary and high school librarian in the Webster Groves School District. As she got older, she started visiting the places she’d read about. Dobrunz’s travels took her all over the world, from Scotland to Egypt to Switzerland.

Dobrunz passed from pancreatic cancer in September 2020 at the age of 79. Before she passed, her niece Jen Schauble asked if there was any place in the world that she did not get to visit.

“She replied, ‘Petra, but I have a book about it, and that’s enough for me,’” remembered Schauble.

Funds from the gift will go toward the Normandy High School library, which was near and dear to her heart and shaped her career and life. The renovated library is scheduled to open in fall 2022.