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Voters Approve Normandy Proposition V for High School Improvements

WELLSTON, MO – Voters in the Normandy Schools Collaborative community approved one of two bond issues on the April 6 ballot.

     Voters in the NSC footprint were asked to consider Proposition V, a $26.5 million no-tax-rate increase general obligations bond, and Proposition T to increase the operating tax levy ceiling by $0.58 cents. Proposition T did not did not receive enough votes for approval.   

     Proposition V was approved by the majority needed for a no-tax-rate increase bond issue. The funds will be used to make needed infrastructure improvements to the learning environments for students and teachers at Normandy High School.

     “Our community has spoken and the message is that our children matter,” said Marcus C. Robinson, Normandy superintendent of schools. “I want to thank the volunteers, families, staff and others in the community who worked so tirelessly to help make this possible. Your support has been invaluable.”

    As a result of the passage of Proposition V, renovation and construction in the high school’s West Hall will begin immediately. Projects will include a new cafeteria and food court, updated classrooms (including a commercial teaching kitchen), and an open connector between Central Hall and West Hall.

    Construction of the new connector will begin in the fall of 2021, with a projected date of completion in summer of 2022. Next summer, Normandy will begin the process of renovating Central Hall and East Hall, to include updated science and humanities spaces, in addition to a new library and student commons.

     “The last year has been challenging for all of us -- in the midst of both an economic and a health crisis -- but the support for Proposition V speaks to the true nature of this community,” Robinson said. “The support of our children will help propel Normandy upward and lays the foundation for a school district known for high academic achievement -- the type of school district this community deserves.”