• 2022 MAP Testing Information

    What is the MAP?

    MAP stands for Missouri Assessment Program. It is a series of assessments for English Language Arts, mathematics and science at grades 3-8, and English Language Arts, mathematics, science and social studies in high school. These assessments are designed to see if students are meeting the state's academic Show-Me Standards. Grade-level assessments are given in English language arts and mathematics at grades 3-8, while science is assessed at grades 5 and 8.

    The grade-level assessments are made up of multiple types of questions:

    • Selected Response (also known as multiple choice) items are composed of a question followed by a series of possible responses. Students must select the correct response or responses.
    • Constructed Response or Short Text items require students to supply an appropriate response rather than making a selection from a list of choices.
    • Performance Tasks/Events allow students to work through more complicated items using real-world scenarios.
    • Technology Enhanced items make use of technology in the presentation of the item, the ways in which students respond, or both. For example, students might listen to a story and then drag and drop labels into a diagram or click on specific parts of a text to provide a response.

    Your child’s results will be sent to you in the form of an Individual Student Report (ISR) that provides information about performance on the MAP, describing results in terms of four levels of achievement in a content area: Below Basic, Basic, Proficient, and Advanced. Our goal is to help students achieve in the top two categories, Proficient & Advanced.  


    Students MUST be in school uniform every day during testing.

    ALSO, no cellphones, smart watches, air pods ear buds, etc., are allowed in the testing room.  ALL electronic devices will be collected and returned after testing.

    MAP Testing Tips

    Every year, students take the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) test to determine how much they've learned. Here are some tips to help your child perform at his or her best!

    • Start adjusting your schedule NOW to help PREPARE your child’s mind and body for success during the weeks of May 9th – May 20th.
    • Prepare a nutritious breakfast for your child or encourage him/her to eat breakfast at school and avoid high sugar foods.
    • Be certain your child gets adequate rest. Prioritize bedtime.  It is recommended that 7 to 14-year-old children get 8-10 hours of sleep per night.
    • Be sure your child is at school EVERYDAY ON-TIME. Avoid scheduling appointments that can be done at a later date. We will reward students who are here EVERYDAY and ON-TIME for testing.
    • Encourage your child starting NOW to do their very best on the MAP test and in class as they prepare for MAP testing.  It is critical that they try to answer all questions even if they seem hard. 
    • Please send a note of encouragement to your child in a sealed envelope addressed to his/her teacher.
    • Encourage your child to come to school with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE every day!

    ....And finally:

    As you help your child do their best on the tests, remind your child that testing is just one part of their education. With your support and involvement, your child will be well on their way to a bright future.