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Special Programs

  • Special Programs 

    The Curriculum & Instruction Office manages compliance of five federal title programs, federal grant allocations and school improvement. These entitlement programs are designed to ensure that all children have a fair and equal significant opportunity to obtain a high quality education. The titles provide support in the following areas:

    Title I - Instruction and Parental Involvement
    Title II - Teaching and Recruiting Highly Qualified Teachers and Principals  
    Title III - Language Instruction for Limited Proficient and Immigrant Students
    Title IV - Safe and Drug-Free Schools/Communities
    Title V - Innovative Programs

    Saint Louis Gear Up (St. Louis in Gear for Success) is a six year partnership grant that was written in collaboration with the University of Missouri. The goal of the grant is to increase the number of students from the 2005-06 seventh grade class who complete high school and succeed in post secondary education.