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Annual Required Notices

Listed below are the annual notices required by state and federal law to be shared with parents and community. Links to summaries can be found here:

The attached document contains links to the federal and state websites where details of the notices and regulations can be found. If you have questions about these notices, please contact the Student & Family Services department at 314-493-0419.

Trauma-Informed Schools & Social Emotional Learning

Trauma results from an event, or series of events or circumstances, that a student finds overwhelming or life-changing. The event can affect their psychological development or wellbeing. Student trauma includes things like abuse, domestic violence, and other types of violence.

Trauma-informed care or practice is a framework for how services are delivered. It’s based on knowledge and understanding of how trauma can affect people’s lives. Trauma-informed care means that services are aware and sensitive to a student’s history of trauma and how this might affect their behavior and the services they need. Without this understanding, services can unintentionally re-traumatize students.

Trauma-informed care involves all staff of Normandy Schools Collaborative. All staff members are important to a students’ recovery process and have the skills and sensitivity. Using trauma-sensitive language is an important part of our trauma-informed care.

For more information, visit the Trauma-Informed section of the DESE website.