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Student Support Services

Student Support Services coordinates a network of student/parent services (social, physical, mental health, academic guidance and improving the quality of parent/school cooperation and interactions) to ensure students and families have the needed resources to excel academically. 

In this section you will find helpful tips and information about our social and wrap around services for Normandy students and families. If you have questions, please contact the Student Support Services staff at 314-493-0419. 

Normandy Student Support Services staff:

  • Coordinate application of the Uniform Discipline Code, including long-term suspension and expulsion procedures.
  • Ensure compliance with Special Education Laws, the McKinney-Vento Act and Section 504.
  • Process Special Enrollments (foster care, intra-district transfers and employee requests).
  • Coordinate enrollments of students residing in non-public residential treatment facilities located within the district.
  • Conduct crises intervention for students and their families.
  • Coordinate student transitions (elementary to middle, middle to high school, and home school to CASA and return).
  • Assist schools and parents to identify specific ways in which to advocate/collaborate within the academic process.
  • Develop programs and preventive strategies for those students who may be at risk of academic failure or those who may be behind in their studies.
  • Coordinate the Home Visit Project (staff visits homes of students to build relationships that support the student in moving towards academic excellence).
  • Coordinate hotline reports to the Department of Children Services and the return of students to school that have been in juvenile detention or other correctional facilities.

Contact Us

Dr. Cheryl Harris, 314-493-0400
Assistant Superintendent for Support Services

Michelle Gaskin, 314-493-0441
Student Information Specialist 

Evelyn Bond, 314-493-0456