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Normandy Voters Approve Proposition V

  • voters approve proposition v







    Our community has spoken and the message is that our children matter!

    The voters have approved Proposition V, a $26 million no-tax-rate bond issue to make necessary improvements and renovations to our beloved Normandy High School. Your vote is appreciated. Your support of our students is appreciated.

    I want to thank the volunteers, families, staff and others in the community who worked so tirelessly to help make this possible. Your support has been invaluable!

    The work will begin immediately with renovation and construction in West Hall which will include a new cafeteria and food court, updated classrooms (including a commercial teaching kitchen), a new focus on career education, and an open connector between Central Hall and West Hall. Construction of the new secured connector will begin in the Fall of 2021, with a projected date of completion in Summer of 2022. Next summer, we will begin the process of renovating Central Hall and East Hall, to include updated science and humanities spaces, in addition to a new library and student commons.

    The last year has been challenging for all of us in the midst of both an economic and a health crisis, but your support for Proposition V speaks to the true nature of this community. Your support of our children will help propel Normandy upward and lays the foundation for a school district known for high academic achievement -- the type of school district this community deserves.  

    And while we are disappointed that our second bond issue did not pass, we are not defeated. We will be convening a broad continuum of community voices to talk about a shared vision for an improved high school campus. We will continue to do the work and make strides so, when the time is right, we can work together to secure additional funding to continue the improvements at Viking Hall, West Gymnasium, Viking Stadium, and the construction of a new community auditorium. 

    On behalf of the Normandy students, families, and staff, thank you for your support of this critical initiative. Stay tuned for what is Next in Normandy.

  • A Message from JEGB President Sara Foster

    Tomorrow is Election Day and two initiatives on the ballot will help transform Normandy High School. Please take this opportunity to learn about the propositions and make your voice heard at the polls.

    First: information about the initiatives on the Normandy website: https://www.normandysc.org/pleasevote 

    I would also like to provide a view to the true situation inside the high school. https://youtu.be/z3dLBQCly2E  They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This video says it all – where do we expect our children to study? Where do we expect them to excel?  The children of Normandy deserve our full commitment and I hope you feel the same and will support Normandy High School tomorrow.

    It is important to understand also that:

    • Bond proposal funds must be used only for purposes specified in the ballot language, and as required by state law, they must be audited.
    • Proposition V (for Vikings): is a no-tax-rate-increase bond, meaning there will be no increase in the rate of property taxes as a result of the bond passing.
    • Proposition T (for Transformation): increases the operating tax levy ceiling by $0.58, which will cost the owner of a $100,000 home an additional $110 per year

    The district has made important progress, even during the pandemic, including: 

    • Introduction of our strategic plan to the broader community via small group meetings and at the public board meeting on July 13, 2020.
    • Implementation of a very aggressive English Language Arts curriculum in grades K-8, in the midst of a pandemic and remote learning, and we will begin a full roll-out of a new math curriculum that has been piloted in some grades already during this school year.
    • New leadership to pursue higher standards and turn the district around, including superintendent Marcus Robinson who has experience delivering the turnaround of the lowest performing and persistently dangerous public school in Indiana. His focus on accountability, his vision for implementing our strategic plan and impressive academic credentials earned our confidence. Some have questioned his ‘certification’… we do not. When he was hired we understood he needed to complete this requirement, and he will. He has the experience necessary to lead the innovation the district requires.
    • Interim iReady assessment data indicates growth across all grades either in reading and/or math. This progress has occurred between our first assessment in the fall to our most recent assessment in January. Through the outcomes of the assessments, we now see more children reading at grade level with an improvement from 24% to 27%. And we see more children at grade level with math growing from 14% to 18%. We see this improvement happening across all buildings and all grades.

    We have not seen improvement like this in years. We are optimistic about the future of Normandy and hope the community supports the momentum we are generating, even under the tremendous pressures of the pandemic.




    Sara Foster

    President, Joint Executive Governing Board

    Normandy Schools Collaborative





    Bond Issue to Help Improve Instructional Spaces, Safety at Normandy High School 

        To address the district’s long-term facility needs, NSC voters are being asked to consider Proposition V, a $26.5 million no-tax-rate increase general obligations bond, and Proposition T to increase the operating tax levy ceiling by $0.58 cents. 

         “Both Propositions V and T will provide funds to make needed improvements and upgrades at Normandy High School,” said Marcus C. Robinson, Normandy superintendent of schools. “Normandy High School is the flagship campus of our district and the place where our students make their most cherished memories. We want to make these upgrades and enhancements to increase safety and security, and just as importantly, the learning environments for staff and students.”  

         Robinson also noted additional funds will be used to complete other construction, remodeling, repairs, and improvements at the EleMiddle (grade 1-8) schools. 

         Earlier this year, Normandy hired a third-party vendor to survey residents, asking questions to provide insight into what they think about the district’s strengths, challenges, and facility priorities. 

         “The statistically valid survey results assisted our board in its decision to move forward with seeking a vote from patrons,” Robinson said. “Survey respondents overwhelmingly supported the no-tax-increase bond issue by 83 percent, and more than 55 percent supported the levy at the $0.58 cent level.”

         For questions about Propositions V & T, please contact Regina Marsh, 314-280-3987 or via email, rmarsh@normandysc.org