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Please Vote April 6 - Propositions V & T

  • Bond Issue to Help Improve Instructional Spaces, Safety at Normandy High School 

        To address the district’s long-term facility needs, NSC voters are being asked to consider Proposition V, a $26.5 million no-tax-rate increase general obligations bond, and Proposition T to increase the operating tax levy ceiling by $0.58 cents. 

         “Both Propositions V and T will provide funds to make needed improvements and upgrades at Normandy High School,” said Marcus Robinson, Normandy superintendent of schools. “Normandy High School is the flagship campus of our district and the place where our students make their most cherished memories. We want to make these upgrades and enhancements to increase safety and security, and just as importantly, the learning environments for staff and students.”  

         Robinson also noted additional funds will be used to complete other construction, remodeling, repairs, and improvements at the EleMiddle (grade 1-8) schools. 

         Earlier this year, Normandy hired a third-party vendor to survey residents, asking questions to provide insight into what they think about the district’s strengths, challenges, and facility priorities. 

         “The statistically valid survey results assisted our board in its decision to move forward with seeking a vote from patrons,” Robinson said. “Survey respondents overwhelmingly supported the no-tax-increase bond issue by 83 percent, and more than 55 percent supported the levy at the $0.58 cent level.”