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Normandy Teaching Fellows Program

Normandy Teaching Fellows Program 

Equalizing educational access and excellence takes more than any village; a quality education takes a specific village of diverse members who are uniquely gifted in a myriad of fields. At Normandy Schools Collaborative, we aim to create a village of individuals who deeply desire to be a part of the mission to close America's achievement gap in urban schools. 


As a means to closing the gap, Normandy Schools Collaborative (NSC) offers a Teaching Fellows Program to assist staff, with a passion to teach, to become certified educators. NSC wishes to help ensure that all employees have an opportunity to further enhance their teaching and professional skills through certification and support. To support Normandy Teaching Fellows (NTF) participants, NSC will assign Teacher Coaches through Curriculum and Instruction to assist new educators for a period of two years.


American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE) offers an on-line, self-paced certification program. You can become a certified teacher on your own schedule within twelve (12) months.
Employees wishing to obtain certification through ABCTE must meet the following criteria:
• Long-term NSC Substitute Teacher
• Bachelor’s Degree (Accredited College/University)
• GPA 2.75 or higher
• Obtain Sub Cert from DESE (

ABCTE ( offers certification in the following content areas:
• Biology (9-12)
• Chemistry (9-12)
• Elementary Ed (1-6)
• English (5-9) (9-12)
• Science (5-9)
• Social Science (5-9) (9-12)
• Math (5-9) (9-12)
• Physics (9-12)

Participants will complete the ABCTE program by passing the required pedagogy and subject area exams. NSC will support Certification through the Tuition Assistance Program. The amount of assistance is
based on the ABCTE program pricing at the time of enrollment. To receive Tuition Assistance the following procedures must be followed:

a. Official completion documentation from ABCTE

After completion of the certification program, a two (2) year commitment to NSC is required.

NOTE: You must commit to remain with NSC for at least 2 years after you receive your certification. If employment with NSC is terminated for any reason prior the end of your two-year commitment, all tuition assistance received must be reimbursed to NSC.


Costs related to the pursuit of National Board Certification through ABCTE will be covered through NSC tuition assistance program. A maximum of twenty-five participants will be approved for the program per school year. NSC and JEGB reserves the right to revise the program and designate the amount available for tuition assistance.

For more information on the Normandy Teaching Fellow Program, contact Sarah Jamison, Director of Human Resources.

Normandy Teaching Fellows Application

  1. Application for NTF and tuition assistance must be completed and submitted with proof of enrollment.
  2. All applications will be reviewed and approved by the Director of Human Resources or designee. A copy of the approved application will be returned to the employee for later use.
  3. When the certification program is complete, the following documents must be submitted to Human Resources Generalist.