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Lawn Care and Ground Maintenance

Request for Qualifications are due Friday, April 19, 2024, by 4:00 p.m. CDT. Email your proposal to Dr. Cheryl Harris, Director of Federal Programs and Procurement.

Scope of Work

The following scope of work shall be performed by an approved contractor on all Normandy Schools Collaborative (NSC) facilities, including 13 schools and 3 additional facilities/property; Central Administration Office (CO), Transportation and East Middle School lot. Contractor shall provide mowing, hard surface vegetation maintenance, spring and fall cleanup, tree pruning and/or removal and lawn fertilization program (CO).

Weekly and Monthly Schedules:

A weekly schedule of services and projects to be performed at each facility will be submitted the Friday prior to the service week. An update of progress will be provided at end of week.

  • Weekly Mowing Schedule
  • Weekly Spring Cleanup Schedule
  • Weekly Fall Cleanup Schedule
Mowing Services:
  • All facilities, including outdoor gardens will be serviced on a 7-day mowing cycle, Monday through Friday, starting the third week of March unless otherwise directed by theDirector of Facilities or Designee
  • Facilities that did not get mowed are to be reported with explanation and reschedule date.
  • All lawn areas will be mowed according to the provided mowing maps or as directed by the Director of Facilities or Designee.
  • Interior courtyards of the following schools are to be included in mowing, spring and fall clean-up.
  • All outdoor gardens and learning centers are to be mowed. Keys will be provided by the Custodians.
  • All sites will be mowed in a professional manner with attention to all obstacles powering down equipment upon approach of any person.
  • Maintain a maximum grass height of 2.5-3.0 inches.  Cut grass is to be blown as required to avoid clumping or piles. Not blown into streets.
  • Where possible contractor will mow away from hard surfaces, vehicles, windows, beds and tree rings.
  • Where possible, mow patterns are to be periodically altered to avoid rutting and wear on turf.
  • Line trimming of all sites is expected to be performed where required.
  • Maintain a line-trimmed edge on curbs and walks one time per month.
  • Line trim around all trees, poles/posts, sewers, sidewalks, curbs, and under fencing if accessible.
  • Application of non-selective herbicide will not be substituted for line trimming.
  • Incidental litter is to be picked up before mowing. If  litter pick up on a weekly basis exceeds "incidental" it is to be reported to the Director of Facilities or Designee.
  • Grass clippings and all related debris will be blown off of all sidewalks, parking areas, and entrances immediately following mow.
  • Mower blades are expected to be sharpened weekly.
Hard Surface Vegetation Maintenance:
  • All hard surface vegetation maintenance of facilities will coincide with the 7 day mowing cycle, Monday thru Friday.
  • Hard surface areas will be line trimmed as required in order to assist in the control of weeds and grass growth.
  • Contractor will take care to avoid line trimming hard surface areas near people and vehicles where loose debris is evident
  • Hard surface areas will be treated with a non-selective herbicide as required immediately following the line trimming of these same areas.
  • Herbicide applications are prohibited in the presence of student, staff, faculty, or visitors.
  • Herbicide applications are to only be applied by commercial pesticide applicators andor technicians licensed by the state of Missouri.
Spring Cleanup Operations:
  • Spring clean-up at all facilities will begin by the second week of March unless directed by the Director of Facilities or Designee.
  • A spring clean-up schedule for all schools and other facilities/properties will be turned in and approved by the Director of Facilities prior to start.             
  • A weekly progress update is required to be provided to the Director of Facilities Designee.
  • Removal/disposal of all landscape debris to include but not limited to leaves, limbs, branches, and gum balls from all turf and hardscape areas.
  • All non-landscape debris should be reported to Facilities for removal/disposal. 
  • All outdoor gardens and learning centers are to be mowed. Keys will be provided by the Custodians.
Fall Cleanup Operations:
  • Fall clean-up is to begin at all facilities by the first week of November/December unlessotherwise directed by the Director of Facilities Designee.
  • A fall clean-up schedule for all schools will be turned in and approved by the Director of Facilities or Designee.
  • A weekly progress update is required to be provided to the Director of Facilities Designee.
  • Removal/disposal of all landscape debris from turf, beds, and hardscape areas.
  • All non-landscape debris should be reported to Facilities for removal/disposal.  
  • All outdoor gardens and learning centers are to be mowed. Keys will be provided by theCustodians.
Services at the Administration Building (CO) :
  • Provide fertilization throughout the season, weed control, core aeration, and seeding in the fall at the District's Central Administration Office (CO) unless otherwise directed by the Director of Facilities Designee.
  • Trim and maintain bushes, flower beds, and shrubs
  • Plant flowers and maintain the area around the flagpole
  • This area should always have a well-manicured look 
Tree Pruning and Removal:
  • Provide tree pruning and/or removal service as needed throughout the District upon requestand as directed by the Director of Facilities or Designee.
Field Striping:
  • Provide a separate bid for field striping for athletic events of softball, football, soccer, and baseball, consistent with all regulations.