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The Plan

What’s in the plan? 

PROP V will provide funding for:

  •       A new secure “connector” building that will link classroom buildings and ensure a safer environment by creating one point of entry to the campus. 
  •       Classroom, cafeteria, and restroom renovations. 
  •       A new, indoor access to the current detached cafeteria as well as cafeteria upgrades. 
  •       Renovations to the library. 
  •       A new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) classroom.

What does it cost?

Proposition V is a no-tax-rate-increase bond, meaning it will cost you nothing.


What are the benefits to students?

These propositions provide for critical maintenance issues, safety issues and modern upgrades to ensure that our children have a transformational educational experience.

Some research connects facility quality with academic achievement. You can find that research under the “academic achievement” section of this article from the Phi Delta Kappan professional journal. For example, in some studies schools and school districts have increased student achievement by upgrading facility quality:

  • A literature review completed by the U.S. Department of Education in 2002 finds a relationship between school quality and student achievement and a 5 to 17 percentile point difference in the achievement of students educated in above-standard buildings and those educated in substandard buildings.
  • A 2004 study of 226 schools in Houston, Texas found that poor facility quality significantly reduced daily attendance and increased dropout rates.

Poor environmental health in schools — particularly poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can decrease performance on mental tasks (i.e., concentration, cognitive tasks, etc.) and lower student attendance rates.


Photos (at right, from top): Architect's rendering of interior of secured connector; students working on a project in the current (small) cafeteria; and the architect's rendering of the exterior of the secured connector.