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My Goal Is Not To Try To Change The World That We All Live In, My Goal Is To Make A Difference In The World That I Live In.

Motivational Monday

The Superintendent diligently crafts a newsletter every Monday, filled with inspiring thoughts for the staff of Normandy Schools Collaborative and parents in the community.

With utmost sincerity and wisdom, he fearlessly shares his own reflections, allowing readers a glimpse into his mind.

Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Michael Triplett

Dr. Michael Triplett joins the Normandy Schools Collaborative as its Superintendent of Schools after a long career in education. He is an educator truly committed to “excellence”. 

Dr. Triplett most recently served as the Associate Superintendent of Learning Services for the Olathe Public Schools in Olathe, Kansas. Throughout his professional journey, Dr. Triplett has established a reputation as an extremely capable manager, supporter and servant of people, effective school/district administrator who consistently displays initiative, conscientiousness, and professionalism. His enthusiasm, innovativeness, leadership skills, and genuine concern for the educational processes are exemplary.

His philosophy of education extends beyond an awareness of best practices and the ability to comprehend educational jargon. He believes that educators, whether in school buildings or in administrative offices, are individuals who possess an implicit understanding of developmental stages, a respect for myriad learning styles, and are willing to go beyond what is expected of them to achieve goals for students, faculty, staff, administrators, and community stakeholders alike.