• Staff Wellness

    To take care of our students, we must take care of ourselves. We will use this page to post interesting tidbits and other useful information for staff to help in their practice of self care. #NormandyStrong

    It's Never Too Late to Make Some Changes

    Over time, large and small decisions sometimes leave us looking at our present situation and wondering, "How did it all turn into this?" Guilt, bitterness or resentment can set in.

    Students Learn from People They Love

    Putting relationship quality at the center of education.

    Teaching yoga at school might help students feel better and improve their grades, new research suggests.

    What's the optimum level of exercise for good mental health?

    Exercise improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood.

    Creating Powerful Change

    A lot of our day-to-day habits — both good and bad — function in auto-pilot. If you want to change or create a new one, here are five practices to help you. Be sure to also check out the quiz and related articles at the end. Have a good day!


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