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    How to Obtain School Transcripts/Records 

    Normandy Schools Collaborative transcript and/or verification requests are usually processed in five (5) to ten (10) working days following receipt of $5 payment and completed request form.

    All requests must include:

    • Former student’s name, spelled as it would appear on the transcript, including maiden name and middle initial if appropriate.
    • Graduation year or last year of attendance
    • Full birth date (including month, date and year)
    • Authorization signature of former student/alumnus
    • Requester’s name, relationship and contact information, in case additional information is needed
    • $5 processing fee MUST be received before processing begins

    Please complete the online form 

    You must use the PayPal option to pay the $5 Transcript Request fee. 

    For more information, contact Normandy Schools Collaborative at (314) 390-5355 or via email, transcripts@normandysc.org.