What is Board Docs?

  • About BoardDocs

    BoardDocs has been developed for school boards, local governments, private and public boards to help alleviate the enormous task of assembling, printing, distributing and revising agenda items and policies.

    With BoardDocs you not only have the ability to process agenda items, supporting documents, policies and procedures, but you also determine who has access to each document - such as board members and staff, or the general public. Plus, you can make last minute revisions, and redistribute your materials - in mere minutes.

    What will you find there?

    Here you will find information on Board meetings. The board holds one public meeting each month. All meetings are typically held at 6:00 p.m. at Lucas Crossing Elementary School Complex, in the Cafetorium, 7837 Natural Bridge Road, St. Louis County, Missouri 63121 (location subject to change with notification). If needed, an additional meeting will be scheduled to handle urgent district matters. All meetings are publicized via the district website, social media platforms and postings at the Campus Support Center and meeting location. We welcome you to attend these meetings.

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