• Face Coverings/Masks

    Face coverings are required for students in grades PreK through 12 at all times, unless eating, drinking, or when more than six feet from others. Schools will use strategies to utilize face masks/coverings as much as possible. Each site will maximize physical distancing practices, acknowledging that physical distancing of 6 feet or greater is not feasible in certain instances.


    • Faculty/staff wear face coverings (masks) at all times except when eating/drinking.
    • Students 5yrs and older will wear face coverings at all times except when eating/drinking or when 6 feet or more apart.
    • All students K-12 will wear a mask on the bus at all times.
    • Teachers will provide instructions on proper mask-wearing.

    Classroomchildren with masks in classroom

    • Faculty/staff and students will wear face coverings at all times.
    • Faculty will follow distancing and other virus-mitigation guidelines in place at the school site.
    • Assign seats to support contact tracing.
    • Group students with same teachers/staff at greatest extent possible.
    • Maximize space between seating.
    • Seat students facing forward.
    • Establish separation of students through other means, such as plexi-glass barriers, in cases when the student must be closer than three feet from another person on a regular basis.