• Parent & Community Meetings

    If you happened to miss a Parent & Community Meeting, please see below a recording of the meeting and questions asked. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@normandysc.org or 314-493-0141. We hope to see you are our next meeting! 

  • Parent & Community Meeting - June 25, 2020

  • Superintendent's Virtual Community Meeting - May 20, 2020



    Submitted Questions for Meeting (answers provided in the video)

    Parent & Community Meeting - March 11, 2020



    Parent & Community Meeting - Jan. 30, 2020

    Meeting Q&A
    The questions and answers listed below were posed at the Jan. 30 meeting. Questions were either answered in person or provided to be answered here. If you have additional questions, please submit your question here

    Q: Does Normandy provide transportation for preschool/pre-Kindergarten students?
    A: No, we do not. Due to the age and size of these students, buses would require special configuration, and we do not have those in our fleet.  

    Q: Are gun locks still available from the safety fair? If so, how do I get one?
    A: Yes, gun locks are available at most local police departments.

    Q: Has there been any consideration for checking for weapons on the bus?
    A: Homeland Security Department of TSA has conducted training with our transportation staff on how to locate suspicious packages and how to de-escalate situations before becoming harmful. 

    Q: Are all police departments in the area allowed to take part in the Brunch Patrol program?
    A: Yes, Normandy Schools Collaborative invites law enforcement officers within the 24:1 community to participate in Brunch Patrol by having a free breakfast or lunch with students.

    Q: Does the security fence wrap around the entire Normandy High School campus?
    A: Currently, the fence does not completely enclose the entire campus. However, we are looking into closing the gaps in the fence.

    Q: Who does the training for Normandy School Collaborative’s security staff members?
    A: The training is mandated by the St. Louis County Police who licenses private security for all officers in the county.

    Q:  What happened to the home visits? I think it was a great program for teachers to get to know the students and parents better, and in turn, involving parents to be more involved.
    A:  Home visits still occur in the district, primarily through our Family Engagement Liaisons at each school. In previous years we worked with an external organization that provided resources to reach more parents, however, that contract has expired.

    Q:  Does the district have a mentoring program, and if so, when and where are meetings held?
    A:  The district partners with several external organizations that provide mentoring services to students. These organizations include Young Voices with Action, Boys & Girls Clubs, Girls Inc., and Wyman. These groups hold meetings at various times throughout the week. We also have our own Viking Volunteers program which provides members of the community the opportunity to mentor and work in the schools in a variety of ways. To sign up to be a Viking Volunteer, please go to the sign up page: https://www.normandysc.org/domain/186