normandy staff, community at meeting

  • School Attendance Boundary Changes Coming for 2019-2020 School Year

         Ealrier this fall Normandy held two community meetings to share options for attendance boundary changes for elementary schools. The changes will go into effect next school year. The goal of our changes is to improve the learning environment for all students. The change in configuration does that. The change in configuration also requires the district to realign the attendance boundaries for our schools. The purpose of these meetings was to get feedback on three options the district is considering. We will hold additional meetings in 2019 to address any questions that parents and families may have regarding these changes.

    Why realign the school attendance boundaries?

    Reconfiguring elementary schools to grades 1-8: Beginning in the fall of 2019, Normandy elementary schools will house grades 1-8. The Normandy 7th & 8th Grade Center will close and the current 7th graders will return to an elementary school, which will change to an EleMiddle grade (1-8) span. The decision to reconfigure our elementary schools is based on solid research showing improved academic performance of students in this age group when they remain in the elementary buildings. (More information is available on our website:

    Opening New Early Learning Center & Re-opening Bel-Nor Elementary School: With 7th & 8th graders returning to elementary schools and the opening of the Early Learning Center in Fall 2019, we are re-opening Bel-Nor (current Normandy Kindergarten Center) as a grade 1-8 elementary (or "EleMiddle") school. We will examine the current boundaries for our elementary schools to determine, based on students’ addresses, who will be transferred to Bel-Nor and what schools our current 7th graders will attend. We will also take advantage of this opportunity to ensure students are attending the elementary school closest to their home.

         To continue to improve student achievement in Normandy, we have to make sound decisions based on what’s best for children. Sometimes, these decisions require change, but progress requires change. We will work to ensure our school district and our students continue to grow in a positive and productive way.