• Vocational Education

    Students interested in vocational programs in preparation for employment after graduation should develop a solid academic background in addition to selecting classes helpful for career planning. All classes at Normandy High School stress skills applicable to students' future careers, whatever they may be. In addition, selected programs provide on-the-job training thus ensuring a smooth entry into the work force after graduation.

    Technical Training and Community College Articulation Agreements

    The guidance program is designed to address the needs of all students by helping them to acquire competencies in career planning and exploration, knowledge of self and others, and educational and vocational development. The guidance counselor assists students learn about their vocational skills, career interests, aptitudes and career plans.

    Vocational-Technical High School

    Tenth-grade students may apply to North County Tech or South County Tech for admittance to a Technical School Program for their sophomore through senior years. Those attending a half-day program receive a graduation diploma from Normandy High School. Those attending full-time receive a Technical School diploma with a certificate or proficiency. Students interested should obtain an application from the Guidance Office.

    Tech Prep combines the best of both worlds: academic preparation and technical and career training. Tech Prep is a challenging course of study that will prepare the student for a job in a technical career. Tech Prep will enable the student to complete 4 years of high school study and to continue your education at St. Louis Community College leading to an Associate’s Degree or certificate. There are six ways that Tech Prep prepares the students for success!

    • Tech Prep gives the student the skills and education for high-tech, high skill careers.
    • Tech Prep gives the student a career focus for your education.
    • Tech Prep gives the student a solid academic foundation.
    • Tech Prep helps the student acquire valuable, sophisticated technical skills.
    • Tech Prep offers free college credit for classes taken while in high school.
    • Tech Prep eliminates duplication of instruction.