• When it comes to the Transition Program, one of the questions parents have asked revolve around special education services for students in Normandy. Students with behavioral or educational IEPs (or individual education plans) receive special services from the schools in the receiving districts via Special School District of St. Louis County (SSD), or the Francis Howell School District.

    Similar to other districts in St. Louis County, Normandy partners with SSD to provide special education services to students with unique educational or behavioral needs.

    SSD staff working in Normandy are connecting with their counterparts in the current receiving districts to determine which students who are returning to Normandy next school year are currently receiving SSD or special education services. By doing this, Normandy and SSD are working to ensure there is no interruption in the services provided to these students. If Transition students are receiving SSD or special education services in the receiving district, they will receive those services when they return to Normandy.

    If you have questions regarding SSD/special education services and the Transition process, please contact Mrs. DeAndria Player, SSD Director, at DMPlayer@ssdmo.org or by phone, 314-989-8422.