• Normandy Writing Club & Poetry Slam Team

    The Normandy Writing Club and Poetry Slam Team serves as an outlet for budding wordsmiths to reveal their linguistic leanings and develop their poetic prowess. More tangibly, we create a safe space for students to share their creative, newsworthy, and poetic writings in a relaxed, thoughtful environment.

    Students who are trying to find their voices, discuss real world situations, and refine their thinking through writing have time after school to engage with words and receive peer and teacher feedback.  If they want their voices amplified, we also serve as a high school connection for the The Viking Times, a nationally recognized school newspaper that began at the Normandy 7th and 8th Grade Center
    For those who are more competitively inclined, our team, Next Level Poets, participates in UrbArts' Poetry Slam against other area schools throughout the year.  In a small-world twist, lead sponsor Ms. Imani Dyson has actually led our team in competition against her former teacher and slam poetry coach, who now leads Kirkwood's team.  Though the pupil has already become the teacher, we're still looking to defeat K-Word.  Is this the year?
    As writers who love to read, we are always looking for new members, bold poems, and thoughtful writing, so don't hesitate to contact us.
Writing Club students at Urb Arts' Poetry Slam event
Normandy Writing Club students