• Joint Executive Governing Board Charge

    Normandy Schools Collaborative Community Engagement Program


         The Normandy Schools Collaborative is committed to the ongoing involvement of the public in the vision and planning for the future success of the Collaborative and its students.

         Based on its belief that the successful development and implementation of a comprehensive improvement plan requires extensive community input, involvement and participation, the Normandy Joint Executive Governing Board hereby authorizes the formation of a broad-based coalition of community members and staff. The Board is seeking community assistance to help in the overall improvement and performance of the Collaborative.

         The charge to this group is to make recommendations to the Joint Executive Governing Board of the Normandy Schools Collaborative regarding long-term goals for improving the performance of the District. 

         To accomplish this goal, the group should:

    1.      Gather current and accurate information that reflects a broad base of community perceptions and priorities relating to the Normandy Schools Collaborative;

    2.      Determine an understanding of the role, objectives, accomplishments and needs of the Collaborative and its students;

    3.      Develop a vision for the future of the Collaborative;

    4.      Determine what steps need to be taken to accomplish the vision in terms of academic programs, resources, staff development, finances and facilities;

    5.      Familiarize community stakeholders with the current programs, services, resources and facilities of the Collaborative;

    6.      Consider programs and curricular initiatives needed to ensure full accreditation, student achievement and readiness for the future; and

    7.      Consider the resources necessary to develop or sustain effective programs designed to accomplish these objectives in the intermediate and long term.

        To implement this program, the Joint Executive Governing Board authorizes the Superintendent to form a Facilitating Team of community and staff members for the purposes of coordinating and planning this community engagement program. The Board also authorizes the Superintendent to develop a process for taking the recommendations for long-term goals, once developed, and translate them into action steps through a strategic planning process.

         The findings and recommendations developed through the community engagement process shall be delivered to the Joint Executive Governing Board and Superintendent by the Facilitating Team and its leadership by July 30, 2016.