• Remote Learning Summer School 2020

    In an effort to support all students in strengthening math and reading skills, Summer School will be open to all students this year. This is a great way to “get ahead” and prevent regression over the summer months.  

    Normandy Remote Learning Summer School will be held Monday through Thursday, beginning June 8, 2020, and ending July 9, 2020. The district will continue using an online model with Google Classroom as a primary space for Remote Learning. Remote Learning Summer School will consist of both synchronous learning (live, virtual interactions) and asynchronous learning (assignments, activities, and videos students complete on their own time). Students will also utilize digital resources such as Zoom/Google Meet, IXL, and others.

    Students attending Summer School will receive additional instruction to prepare them for the next school year through engaging online reading and math curriculum. The curriculum will consist of building student foundational skills in math for the upcoming school year; reading in whole group, small group and independent reading settings; language; and writing activities.

    Students needing to borrow a Normandy Chromebook for Summer School will be able to do so. More information on Chromebooks will be shared at a later date. 

    The district will be offering incentives for students who maintain active participation in Remote Learning Summer School. More information to come!

    If you have questions, please call David Hopkins at (314) 493-0417 or email dhopkins@normandysc.org.

    Please register your student for Remote Learning Summer School here: bit.ly/normandysummerschool2020

    Registration for Summer School must be completed by May 27, 2020.

    Please complete the form separately for each student participating in Summer School.